Tokyo overseas_div

Each employee is a "merchandiser" who applies overseas products to the requiewments of the Japanese market.

This division supplies more cost-efficient overseas products to the domestic arket. Our company's overseas network provides "real time" information. We analyze overseas and domestic information obtained through our branches andcustomers, then, adapt it to meet with Japanese culture and taste. Sometimes, we add apanese up-dated technology to create originalproducts which are of high quality, yet cost-efficient. Precise market research makes each employee react quickly to market changes so that we can continue to supply attractive merchandise in a timely manner.

We are supplying cost-efficient overseas products for the domestics market. Obtaining the information through our worldwide branches, we analyze market needs and attempt to provide overseas products with the originality,which matches Japanese culture and taste.
As for the export activity, we are providing the products with Japanese advanced technologies.
With each staff having the technical knowledge, we are constantly trying to catch market needs,and respond to
market demands.