Prompt and abundant infgormation on fashion trends worldwide throughour overseas offices and complete sales network throught japan.

Our Import Division. which provides furs, leather apparel and bags of sophisticated European tradition and taste, is the main division of our company. The import of furs for over twenty years of its history enables us to enjoy the biggest share of the domestic market. From Italy and other European countries as well as the United States, our Import Division receives information on changes in trends, distributions, and exchange rates in a timely way. Then, it creates new fashion scenes. New products such as cashmere and knitwear also support the creation of brand new markets.

This division develops new and original products which appreciate the excellent desigh and workmanship of overseas countries and, at the same time, adapting them to the Japanese taste. Furs handled by this division, for example, are made in Hong Kong, The United States and Europe using top quality pelts from Northern Europe, North America and Canada. Our overseas branch offices and representatives evaluate the quality of goods and control the delivary at each point of purchase, which make our products quality-reliable and cost-efficient.
Leather goods are also an example of the fine products of our Import Division. It is proud of its vast lineup. Bags are of the highest quality, imported mainly from Italy. Pearls are the most important precious gems in our line. They are perfectly controlled from production through the finishing prosess. For several years, the division has also handled about 2,000items utilizing their own mail order system, which has enjoyed a steady growth in sales. The expansion of this system is planned for the very near future.