Serve and Products

From high technology to fashion, Mitsuboshi Boeki will color your life.

Trends of home and overseas markets are diversifying and changing every moment. Always mastering the markettrends globally and accurately, we are continuing to satisfy the needs of the markets. Backed up with many years'experiences of our main export and import businesses, our operations are expanding to the new fields including the design and development of our own products, licensing busi-ness and catalog sales.
Overseas, Import, Domestic, License, and Development Divisions working interactively, we continue providing good products for rich and better life of the people not only in Japan but also in the world. The products ranging from the fashions that match the changes of elegance of consumers and of distribution, jewelry, cosmetics, and health goods to
the electronic equipment, medical equipment and other industrial products utilizing the Japanese high technologies leading the world to and from the worldwide markets.