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Name: Mitsuboshi Boeki Limited

Capital: \70,000,000

Annual Sales: 5.7Billion Yen (January 2019)

Related Offices Overseas:
Mitsuboshi Boeki Inc.(Chicago, U.S.A.)
Mitsuboshi Boeki (Thailand) Ltd. (Bangkok, Thailand)
Mitsuboshi Boeki (Shanghai) Ltd.(Shanghai, China)
Mitsuboshi Boeki (H.K) Ltd.(Kowloon,Hong Kong)

Board of Directors
Chairman : Sachie Murakami
President : Satoshi Onishi
Director : Masumi Fujiwara
Auditor : Kunio Ogawara
Corporate Advisor : Yoshio Araki
Corporate Advisor : Toshikuni Mukai


Principal Products
Kobe Overeas Division
Inverters, Motor Control Devices, Electronic Parts, Rechageable Nickel-Cadmium/Nickel Metal Hydride
Batteries, Automotive and Industrial Rubber Beltings, Motorcycle Parts, Foods,
Garden Equipment Parts, Transmission Machinery, Black Tea Color Separating Machines, etc.

Import Division
Leatherwear, Furs, Apparel, Hand Bags etc. (Reptile etc.), Knitwear, etc.

Tokyo Overseas Division
Freezers for Home and Business use, Wine Coolers, Mini Refrigeratirs, Wine,
Quality Aluminum Roofing, Surgical Operation Lamps and Tables, etc.

Domestic Sales Division
Plastic Products, Laundry and Dry Cleaners Supplies and Machinery, Fluorescent Lamps, Freezers,
Confectionary stuff (Baking Paper, Liqueur, Spirits, Nuts, etc.), Road Safty Equipment, etc.

Mitsuboshi Boeki is established in 1958 by late Mr. Toshiro Murakami, supported by late Mr. Haruji Oda, the president of Mitsuboshi Belting which Mr. Murakami had been working for as the Manager of Overseas Division. Initially, our main products had been itsuboshi Belting products.Then, new products have been added such as chemicals,heavy & light industrial products to open worldwide markets.
In addition to this export operations, we have been engaged in the business of industrial know-how and capital investment. The manufacturing license for the UNIPACK (patented) was sold to Dow Chemical (USA) and many other companies in about another 20 countries including UK, Germany, France,Italy and Australia.
In the 1960s, business was export-oriented. In the 1970s, wholesale and import business has been started, following the Japan's deregulation of international trade.
As the sales network is broadened at home as well as abroad, our overseas branches and subsidiaries have laid the great foundation of our diversified operations. Information from this network is increasingly appreciated by our custmers and manufacturers in Japan and abroad. Under the motto of"quality is more important than volume", exellent financial results and stable dividend policy have been maintained for the past over 40 years running. We are very proud of this performance. We are ready to challenge unexplored of this performance. We are ready to challenge unexplored fields of business, aiming at "creative management".
Our own building as head-office was newly built up Kobe city in April, 1995. Our new history for "Mitsuboshi" will be carved at this new head-office.

In fifty post-war years, the Japanese economy has shown remarkable development, which has been especially beneficial
to trading companies like ns. However, many nations in the world, including Japan, are currently in the great wake of political, economic and socio-structural changes. Individuals as well as government and private sectors are subject to such changes and adjustments. We are not an exception. Mitsuboshi Boeki Ltd. was started about 40 years ago. In four decades, it has changed from a mere exporter of Japanese products to a company with import, export and domestic sales. These changes were a direct result of various adjustments to the changes of overseas and domestic markets and the exchange rate situation. Now, we are pursuing a change : from a 'middleman' type of business to that of a manufacturing business, supplying products directly from the factory of our
choice. We want to supply what the world needs from Japan and other countries and, eventually, what Japan needs from the world.
Our management philosophy is "to find changes and needs of the market" and "to satisfy them" . We have branch offices, affiliated overseas corporations and representatives in many countries of the world. Many of our employees travel overseas. This extensive networking provides information daily on the current status of world markets. Each employee, a specialist in his or her field, selects and analyzes such information for the future development of our business. In a sence, we are an organized "group of merchant" , which we believe will be more flexible and enable us to survive this decade of great changes everywhere.
Internally, our company should be rewarding its employees' hardwork while continuing to strive for 100% customer satisfaction. The company is a mirror of its employees. Every effort will be made to promote the value of each employee so that our company, as a whole, will be more active, efficient, intellectual and continue to shine. We are most grateful for your continued support and advice to
our company.

Mitsuboshi Boeki Limited

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